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Active Kids Voucher Important Update

As you may all be aware, the NSW Government's Active Kids Voucher (AKV) program has been discontinued, and replaced with the new Active and Creative Kids voucher program.

New Active and Creative Kids voucher

From the start of Term 1 and Term 3 2024, eligible families will be able to apply for an Active and Creative Kids voucher, valued at up to $50.

The Term 1 vouchers will be available from Service NSW from February 1 2024.

Unlike the previous program, which was universal, the NSW Government has means-tested eligibility for the new voucher program. Only families eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A will be eligible for the new program.

Sport NSW estimates that approximately 45% offamilies eligible for AKVs will be eligible for the Active and Creative Kids voucher.

It is important to note that the existing (non-means tested) AKV program provided a $50 voucher from 1st July and this voucher can still be used until 31st January 2024.

If you have not yet used your AKV you should ensure that you apply for your voucher and make use of it before it expires.

If you have not done so already, you can apply here: https://www .service. nsw .gov .au/transaction/apply-for-an-active-kids-voucher

Brooklyn United Soccer Club accepts both the Active Kids and the new Active and Creative Kids vouchers which can be applied at the time of registration. Registrations for the 2024 Winter season will be opening very soon so keep an eye out for the details.

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