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What days are games and training?

Miniroo’s (U6-U11) train at Brooklyn Oval on various weekdays from around 3:30pm onwards. The time schedule for training is usually provided by the club before the season starts. For other age groups, the coach or manager puts in a nomination of day/time/location.


Miniroo games are usually held on a Saturday morning. Games for Mixed and Men's teams are usually held on Saturdays while Girls/Women's games are held on Sundays.

What age group do I register for?

Generally if you are turning, or have turned, a certain age this year then that is the age group you should play for. For example, if you have turned or are turning 9 this year then you should be signing up to the U09’s.

There are certain scenarios where your child may fall into a younger age bracket and wants to play with school friends in the same class. This is ok and the club and association permits children playing up a year.

Playing down an age group is usually not permitted without approval from the association.

I didn't attend a registration day, can I still register?

Of course you can! Just as long as registrations are still open you can register online. Follow the process on our Registration page.

What gear do I need to play?

The club will provide all team jerseys for each of their players. These need to be returned at the end of the season.

In order to play, you will also need BUSC socks & shorts which can be purchased from the club house, via the MyFootballClub registration process or via the shop on this site.

Outside of this you will need shin pads and boots to be able to take the field.

Can my child play in the same team with their friends?

Miniroos are very welcome to to play with their friends. To organise this, please fill out the contact us form or email us to let the club know who your child would like to play with. We will do our best to ensure they are with at least one friend.

What age can my child start to play?

The general consensus is that your child should be 5 turning 6 to play in the under 6’s competition. Children can start earlier if you believe they will be capable to play with and against other 5 & 6 year old's.

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