May 21: Brooklyn 4 - Corpus Christi 7. The Entertainers are back!

Having failed to pop in any goals themselves during their lone outing this year, Brookie this time scored four top shelf efforts, despite absences, injuries and illnesses adversely affecting the team.The first goal was midway through the first half and was via Route 1. Stand in ‘keeper Stu found Jimmy’s head with a perfect punt, Stratton flicking the ball onto Andre who with one touch found the feet of Paul the Elder. After knocking it to his left side Burcher slotted the ball with precision rather than power between the oncoming defender and keeper to open the home team’s account. The second goal came early in the second half when Paul the Younger set up Andre in a similar fashion.Goals three and four were Jimmy’s - his hunger for the Golden Boot as keen as ever.The first was taken in style when deep in their own half the Corpus defence coughed up the ball to the Brookie press allowing Stratton to skip past the sweeper and drive the ball low into the left side of the goal past a flailing ‘keeper. The final goal was in the last minute and was less elegant. Jimmy took on the defence, lost the the ball, took it back, lots the the ball, took it back, lost the ball, took it back again, and finally got around to shooting and successfully hitting the back of the net.

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