Warm up and Stretching Routine


Warm up prepares the body for exercise.


Warm up provides the following benefits:

A) Increased blood flow to muscles.

B) Increased circulation

C) Enhanced cellular metabolism

D) Increased speed of nerve impulses

E) Increased flexibility of joints therefore decreased injuries.

F) Reduced stiffness of tissues therefore decreased risk of tears.

G) increased concentration and relaxation


A warm up should be 10 to 15 minutes and produce mild sweating without fatigue. The effect of a warm up lasts about 30 minutes therefore it is important not to warm up to early


A good warm up would be as follows:-

Two laps of the Soccer field jogging, one lap in each direction.

Jog one lap changing at each corner from forwards, side stepping, backward running and striding out.

One lap incorporating a warm up of the upper body eg windmills.



Players should stretch before and after exercise, stretch gently and slowly and stretch to the point of tension but never pain.


NB there is a tendency for players to overstretch to the point of pain causing micro tears. This leads to scar tissue formation which reduces elasticity and increases the risk of injury.


Static Stretches

a)  Calf stretches- Against wall or fence with leg straight behind and knee straight

b)  Soleus Stretch As for calf but with stretched leg’s knee bent into a lunge position. Should feel the stretch lower near the Achilles.

c)  Hamstring. With leg supported on a beam or bench and keeping the leg straight, gently bend forward at the hips until a stretch is felt at the hamstring. Bend at the hips and keep the back straight.

d) Groin. Sitting on the floor with the knees bent, soles of feet together and the back straight. Gently push the outside of the knee towards the ground until a stretch is felt in the groin.

e)  Quadriceps (thigh muscle). In a standing position. Pull the heel to the buttock until a stretch is felt at front of thigh. Keep knees together and do not rotate pelvis.

f)    Gluteals.Sitting on the floor, bend the left leg up in front. Place the left heel over the thigh of the right leg and pull the left knee towards the chest, until a stretch is felt in the left gluteal region.


Dynamic Stretches


a)  Knee swings, front and back, side to side.

b) Rocking calf raise i.e. stand on heels and rock forwards onto tip toes.

c)  Squats (not further than 90 degrees)

d) Stationary ankle hops.

e)  Lunges


Repeat light jog and a few static stretches.


If time this can be followed by some ball skills.


The above is a guide only and Jackie or Gill at Berowra Physiotherapy would be more than happy to discuss any problems you may have.


Berowra Physiotherapy is proud to sponser local sports clubs and offers a 10% discount to all Berowra Soccer players. It is located on the Highway and is open daily and Saturday mornings. Phone 9456 3322 for an appointment or for some friendly advice!