Strained a hamstring lately??


Hamstring strains are common in soccer players who are constantly changing directions at sub- maximal speeds.


Strains range from a complete rupture to a small micro tear that the player does not notice at the time.

Grade 1: a micro tear where the player can walk properly, has minimal swelling and tightness in the thigh.


Grade 2: player limps, noticeable swelling, bending the knee against resistance causes pain.


Grade 3: Player is unable to weight bear, immediate swelling, severe pain and pain on static muscle contraction.




Ice for first 72 hours.

Rest compression and elevation.

Continue ice while swollen and painful.

See your physio for ultrasound and soft tissue release to speed up recovery.

Commence gentle stretches from day 3. NB always within the limits of pain


Strength Training

As stretch and contraction become pain free, direct loading to the hamstring is necessary to develop tolerance to fatigue in the newly healed muscle.

a)      Begin with 10 mins cycling followed by stretches.

b)      Heels on floor bent knee bridging i.e. Bottom lifts Hold for 5 secs repeat x 5.

c)      Heels on chair straight knee bridging. a/a

d)      Resisted knee bending

e)      Rehab running: this can commence once walking is painfree.It is relatively risk free when compared to chasing players and sprinting for a ball.

This involves running at a speed where there is no pain. Split a track into 3 zones for acceleration, holding and deceleration. Do 4 run throughs, rest for 5 mins and repeat. The aim is to do 2 sets of run throughs at full pace

The above will test out all properties of the muscle i.e. contractile load and fatigue


For advice and treatment for all soccer injuries contact Berowra Physiotherapy on the Highway. We now have biofeedback to assist in muscle retraining. Open 6 days Tel 94563322 or 0414925477 for urgent treatment out of hours.