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Achilles Tendonitis and Tears.


Swelling of the Achilles tendon can lead to small tears which make it at risk of rupture.


The Achilles is the largest tendon in the body and inserts into the back of the heel. Typical symptoms include point tenderness, pain with running or walking and morning stiffness.




The best treatment is prevention. Stretching at the start of the day and before and after exercise will help maintain flexibility. Orthotics to correct problems with foot positioning will also help prevent the condition.


Early physiotherapy gives the best recovery time.


Treatment includes ice, a strengthening program, correction of predisposing factors eg muscle tightness and abnormal foot mechanics and sports specific exercises.


Initial physio settles pain with the use of ice and electrotherapy. Sometimes a heel raise is used to take the stress off the tendon. Soft tissue releases and stretches are used to maintain muscle length.



Can begin once pain has settled.

Player progresses to the next exercise once the previous exercise is pain free.


1.      Standing on step with heels over the edge, lower heels below the level of the step.

2.      Increase the weight through the injured leg.

3.      Single leg heel drop.

4.      Add weights eg in back pack

5.      Apply ice after each exercise session.


Calf muscle tightness predisposes athletes to Achilles tendon injuries.

Stretches and deep tissue massage are essential to treat thickening of the muscle belly.


NB Partial or complete rupture of the Achilles is more serious and feels like being shot in the calf. See your physio ASAP for an assessment.



A GRADUAL return to sport is essential.



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